10x swifterthan App Store Connect
Requires macOS 10.15.2 or later

It’s called Native for a reason
NativeConnect is a document-based Mac app. It’s 100% AppKit.

Notable Features
Key Features
Light mode
Dark mode
Work with documents to save your time
NativeConnect stores its data locally as library packages and displays them immediately after relaunch.
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Review sales and trends
on the same screen
Check your daily, weekly and monthly Downloads, In-App Purchases and Revenue as soon as they are available.
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Edit metadata for multiple languages simultaneously
Each app version in NativeConnect is represented in a form, which has got support for validation and bulk changes.
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Check customer reviews and developer responses
Remember Mail app? NativeConnect has got a similar interface for digging priceless feedback from your users.
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Find and Replace metadata for versions
Use an interface familiar from Xcode to find a piece of text in customer reviews and even replace it in metadata.

Extra Features
Security and Privacy
All credentials are stored in your local Keychain, while logs are anonymous. Similar to a browser, but native.
Keep all Apple IDs together
NativeConnect stores your credentials in the local Keychain and makes use of them without ever logging in.
Share libraries via iCloud
Each library is a standard macOS document so you can publish it for collaboration like any other package.
One library across all teams
You don’t need to switch between accounts in a browser anymore, just use them all in the same window.
Open format for automation
The library package is a folder with JSON files which you can automate using command line tools.

Team Features
For paid features you need a Team.
It’s free to create but you pay for Seats.
Push local changes in one click
Upload local changes for all languages in a batch.
Generate promo codes for apps
Select one or more titles and generate promo codes for all of them.
Write responses and follow threads
Translate and reply to customer reviews right from the app.
Create Team
$4.99 / Month $49 / Year