Oct 1, 2018

Meet NativeConnect

We are announcing a new tool for Release Managers, ASO Professionals and Software Developers. NativeConnect is a desktop client for App Store Connect. Our Mac app was born when Apple announced official APIs for their portal. Today we are starting a Preview period with private Beta coming soon.

App Store Connect

Most iPhone and Mac developers work in the Apple’s portal named App Store Connect and formerly known as iTunes Connect. This website is constantly improving and gets more and more useful features. For some tasks however, such as uploading screenshots and localizations for In-App Purchases and new versions, it is not very convenient, to say the least. That single webpage application often feels quite slow for really primitive operations like jumping between sections in the same app.


Fortunately, last summer at WWDC Apple announced public API for App Store Connect. This nice and modern REST webservice should help us to automate the most annoying and repetitive tasks like uploading screenshots and submitting builds for TestFlight. A lot of great tools are waiting us around the corner, so let’s thank Apple for opening up their portal for automation.


Console tools like fastlane are great, but for some tasks it is more convenient to have visual panels full of buttons and text fields. For example, it would be really nice to present all apps and their versions in the sidebar. Then maybe show the details for current selection in the content editor. And if you have an inspector for additional information, this would be just amazing, right?

Meet NativeConnect, a Mac app that will have all those needed features from App Store Connect, but hopefully in more efficient and intuitive user interface. We began building this app as soon as Apple announced new API and achieved quite good results. So many tasks are much easier to do when the app is native.

NativeConnect Account Editor

NativeConnect Account Editor

Ode to Xcode

You will quickly recognize that this product is heavily inspired by Xcode, but here is the deal: we believe that Apple’s own IDE is the most professional tool available for macOS and its UI is so flexible, and most developers know it perfectly. Hopefully release managers and ASO professionals will like it as well.

We must say that NativeConnect design and appearance are very inspiring. This minimalistic approach with Sidebar, Editor and Inspector enables unlimited number of features and progressive disclosure. And we’ll do our best to keep the original “development spirit” in our product.

Please read the next post to get familiar with our workflow.

Preview Time

NativeConnect is quite young, and we are just starting. To make a great product, we decided to start with a closed Preview period when only Beta testers will have access to the app. If you are curious about NativeConnect and want to join the waiting list, please fill in the form linked below:

Request Access to Preview