Apr 22, 2020

NativeConnect available on the Mac App Store

We are excited to announce that NativeConnect has passed the review in the Mac App Store. As a result, we’re opening one more distribution channel for indie developers. So if you prefer the Mac App Store, as of today, our app is available for downloading!

Thanks Apple

First of all, we’d like to thank the Review Team for their decision. NativeConnect uses proprietary APIs for accessing some features of the App Store Connect, and we’re happy that Apple is supportive and wants to extend the Developer Tools category with our lightweight client for their service.

We deeply care about privacy. NativeConnect keeps all sensitive data in the Sandbox container as well as in the local Keychain, and this data would never leave your Mac. But it took some time to get everything else prepared for the submission. And it seems that we did our homework well.

New Editions

The Mac App Store is a massive market for personal software, and we’re expecting a lot of new customers. We believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to make NativeConnect more affordable for everyone, so we reduce the subscription pricing.

Indie Edition for $99 vs Team Edition for $4.99 per Month

First, we introduce the Indie Edition with a lifetime license. This version costs $99 and it will be distributed via the Mac App Store. It’s not integrated with our own Dashboard yet, but this can be changed later if we add collaboration features.

Second, the “standard” version with subscriptions becomes the Team Edition, and will now cost $4.99 per month per Seat. For our Early Adopters from the waiting list, the new price is just $2.99 per month till the end of 2020, as we promised before.

Third, all annual subscriptions purchased up until today will be automatically converted into lifetime licenses. If you prefer the Mac App Store version, please contact us for a Redeem code. Thanks a lot for your continuous support ❤️

NativeConnect is Pending Developer Release in the Mac App Store

NativeConnect app listing in the NativeConnect editor is so meta

In other news, as you have noticed, the blue icon has been inherited by the Indie Edition of the Mac App Store. Luckily, we’ve got a brilliant replacement for the Team Edition. Check it out and let us know what you think.

That’s it for today. Take care!

Download NativeConnect in the Mac App Store ↗