Nov 30, 2018

Team Dashboard

I believe NativeConnect has got a truly innovative and convenient pricing model, if we speak about Mac apps. You can download and edit metadata for your apps, together with screenshots and in-app purchases, for free. For submitting all edits back to the App Store Connect however, you need a paid subscription. With this approach, the whole development team should pay for just one seat, rarely two. For the best experience of managing your team, we’re launching Team Dashboard, as a separate website.

What the dashboard is for

The NativeConnect dashboard is a customer portal, where you as a manager — or a team agent — control purchased seats. Once signed in, you can find out how many submissions have been made recently, by the whole team or by each seat separately:

A snapshot of the NativeConnect Team Dashboard

A piece of the Team Dashboard

Who is a team agent

A team agent is a person signing into the dashboard, who purchases subscriptions named seats in NativeConnect. This person is also our main contact:

A panel with settings for Vadim Shpakovski in the NativeConnect Team Dashboard

A panel with a team agent information

How are seats managed

Purchased seats are then given to teammates responsible for application release management and App Store optimization. Quite often this is one person.

To give a team seat to some person, you link their profile from a social network:

Twitter account linked to the paid seat in the NativeConnect Team Dashboard

A seat with a linked Twitter account

Then that person performs a sign in on the Mac app — using the linked social profile — and NativeConnect tracks how the seat is used:

A demo seat for Vadim Shpakovski in the NativeConnect Team Dashboard

A beta seat in the Team Dashboard

If you want to change the seat owner, just unlink the social account. This will make a seat available for another teammate.

An empty seat in the NativeConnect Team Dashboard

A seat without a linked account

What is in charts

The NativeConnect Mac app — which will report seat requests to our backend — is not yet publicly available. But the dashboard would look boring without any data, so we display some random charts to give you a better idea of how things work:

A chart with simulated data in the NativeConnect Team Dashboard

A team chart with simulated statistics

How to sign up and what’s next

The NativeConnect Dashboard is invite only at the moment, and we will begin contacting early adopters shortly. Please make sure to submit a request if you want early access but still have not registered.

Our next stop is a private beta of the Mac app:

A welcome panel of the NativeConnect Mac app

NativeConnect welcome screen

Please stay tuned, and thanks for reading!