Dec 5, 2019

NativeConnect 1.0

What an exciting day. After many months of development and testing, we are finally launching our new Mac app. NativeConnect is a desktop client for App Store Connect. It allows you to edit metadata, generate promo codes, and work with customer reviews in the native and modern 100% AppKit interface.

If you are tired of signing in to App Store Connect, digging through its slow navigation or configuring multiple filters for sales and trends, you should greatly benefit from our app.

Download NativeConnect 1.0 for Mac ↗

Our short history

This project started once Apple had announced an App Store Connect API at WWDC 2018. At that time we had no idea that the official API would be so limited and intended primarily for certificate and profile management, because everyone wanted support for editing apps and versions.

Nevertheless, the idea of an “IDE” for App Store Connect had already been born. So we started working on NativeConnect and its companion websites full time. Apparently, we had to use the Private API, just like many other products on the market. After all, reverse-engineering tools are very powerful nowadays.

NativeConnect logotype alive with a cake and a drink really happy about the product launch

Happy Birthday to Me

Now, 18 months later, with huge help from our best friends and our incredible beta testers, NativeConnect is ready for public.

Two words about privacy

We deeply care about the privacy of your data. NativeConnect has got a document-based architecture, so everything is stored locally. Your Apple IDs and other credentials are protected by the Keychain. In a way, our app is no different from your browser.

In addition, we went extra lengths to avoid storing your real Apple IDs into the cloud. All sensitive information is cryptographically digested and kept safe on your Mac. Even logs are anonymous!

In short, there is no need to put your Two-Factor Auth credentials on the server. You can work with your App Store Connect accounts without ever sharing your password.

How much it costs

Most features of NativeConnect are free. For example, you can download customer reviews and sales data to check them in a very nice interface.

NativeConnect App Editor with Sales and Trends overview

Sales and Trends can be used for free

However, some of our advanced features, like generating promo codes and uploading metadata, only come with the paid subscription.

Introducing the Dashboard

You can manage your subscriptions in our own cloud, called the Team Dashboard. You will need to make a few steps to get started:

  1. Create a new Team as an Agent
  2. Purchase one or more Seats for the Team
  3. Link a Seat with one or more Apple IDs
  4. Copy the Seat ID and add it to the Mac app
NativeConnect Dashboard with an overview of all saved time

Team Overview in NativeConnect Dashboard

Now you should have full access to all features of NativeConnect. Moreover, the Dashboard is tracking your usage per seat. This results in a great overview of your recent operations. You will be surprised how much time you can save.

What is next

Like it usually happens with ambitious projects, many features have not yet made it into 1.0. Our roadmap is giant. The early feedback is very positive, and we have ideas for the next 5 years of development or so. Cannot wait to see how the app evolves.

During this journey, we will definitely need your help. NativeConnect is great but it is not 100% perfect. We are opening a public GitHub repo for tracking any issues you might encounter. Hopefully, it will become a great knowledge base and one of the places where we can participate in discussions and decide on new features.

Party time!

Download NativeConnect 1.0 for Mac ↗