Dec 16, 2019

Friendly reminder for our Early Adopters

NativeConnect was announced in 2018, and we got way more requests for a private beta than expected. Development of the Mac app took quite a while, and the number of entries was growing during the whole 2019.

Today we are closing our early access application form, thus completing the fantastic Early Access Program.

In total, we have received and processed more than 1,000 early access requests. And we did our best to reach everyone by email and on Twitter. If you have registered but missed an invite, please check Direct Messages and Junk folders.

No doubts, NativeConnect would have not existed today without your exciting feedback. On our form, we had this last free-text question, and we have been getting so much inspiration from your answers that now we are keen to pay back for your trust in us. Huge thanks for your amazing support!

NativeConnect webpage with prices for Early Adopters

Our pricing page for Early Adopters

As we have promised during the announcement, you are eligible for a 40% discount during the whole 2020. Please let us know if you have any issues with your invite code, and we will definitely sort this out.

Have a nice week!