NativeNotes / NativeConnect

Team Dashboard

I believe NativeConnect has got a truly innovative and convenient pricing model, if we speak about Mac apps. You can download and edit metadata for your apps, together with screenshots and in-app purchases, for free. For submitting all edits back to the App Store Connect however, you need a paid subscription. With this approach, the whole development team should pay for just one seat, rarely two. For the best experience of managing your team, we’re launching Team Dashboard, as a separate website. Read more

App Store Connect API v1

Last week, three months later than promised, Apple modestly released an official API for App Store Connect. In the near future, approved iOS and macOS developers will be able to automate tasks related to TestFlight, User Access, Provisioning and Sales Data, all without visiting the online portal. This is important news which of course has great impact on NativeConnect development. So let’s have a look at what they’ve added. Read more

NativeConnect Pricing

This product started as a weekend project. After developing it for a while though, I came up with many cool ideas, and the small utility grew into the mind-blowing feature set that needed a totally different approach. After I figured out how to wrap this all into Xcode-like interface, it became evident that this app is worth selling. Which price should it have however? Read more

NativeConnect Workflow

The most important thing about NativeConnect is that it works with documents. Each library is a file package, and it may include accounts, apps, versions, and their metadata. You see all items in the Sidebar, and the rest of window is used for editing current selection. We went with Xcode-like user interface to provide the familiar user experience. Read more