NativeNotes / Package Manager

Sharing modules using the Swift package manager

Tools like CocoaPods and Carthage work great when you share code with other developers, but they are not so good for local work. We often have code which should be reused between multiple apps. Or we may want to split business logic into separate modules for a massive app. Mentioned dependency managers can work with local frameworks, but their workflow is not optimized for this. Luckily, Swift 4 added support for local packages as dependencies. I will show how to edit multiple packages in a single Xcode project. Read more

Makefiles for Swift packages

NativeConnect for Mac is 100% Swift, and it includes three frameworks built with Package Manager: NativeKit, NativeUI, and NativeData. This nice setup allows for developing embedded libraries and their tests independently of the main app. Today I’d like to share one simple trick which helps to switch between internal packages fast and easily. Read more