Release Manager

Manage your apps and versions. Review ratings and sales on the same screen. Generate promo codes directly in the app.

Manage and submit metadata

Edit descriptions, keywords, and updates without ever visiting App Store Connect online. NativeConnect makes it easy to copy metadata between languages using bulk editing.

View ratings and sales

NativeConnect gives a convenient quick look into recent sales right next to the app information.

Generate promo codes

You can manage promo codes directly from the app. Do not spend your time digging around in App Store Connect only to generate one or more promo codes for Press. Just fill in some fields and hit Generate.

ASO & Support

Copy descriptions between languages. NativeConnect will make your life much easier.

Edit metadata offline

There is no need to stay online in your browser. With NativeConnect, you download any app metadata locally for offline editing and push the changes back to App Store Connect later.

Check customer reviews

Ratings and user reviews are available in the app. You can easily filter the ones without response.


Change metadata in a JSON format.

Organize apps into libraries

NativeConnect is working with so called libraries — file packages containing apps, versions and their metadata e.g. descriptions. All this data is downloaded locally from the App Store Connect portal and treated by macOS as a number of documents. So you can duplicate and transfer them, or you can even put them under a version control system.

Work with multiple accounts

NativeConnect allows to add multiple accounts into one library. Moreover, you can open and work with multiple libraries, accounts, apps and versions in separate windows or tabs.

Collaborate with your team

Being a standard document, any library can be shared with your team members. After moving the package into Dropbox or iCloud Drive, you can make changes on any Mac. NativeConnect is a perfect tool for collaboration.


Keep App Store Connect credentials in NativeConnect documents. Access and modify App Store listings offline. Automate uploading metadata from local files.

Manage your Apple IDs

App Store Connect API is accessed with your Apple ID. NativeConnect stores them into your local Keychain and can be used as a full-featured manager for such credentials.

Enjoy the open format

We have an open file package format ‘.nclibrary’, and you can easily access and modify its internals. For example, read sales data to generate a fancy report, or write a custom payload for further reference.

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