Product Launch

After one year in Preview, NativeConnect 1.0 has been released for public

16 December 2019 — Last week we successfully launched our Mac app NativeConnect and its companion website named Dashboard.

Our launch got a really warm welcome on Twitter and has been featured in major iOS development resources e.g. iOS Dev Weekly, CocoaHub, iOS Goodies and Indie iOS Focus Weekly, as well as on the giant news portal 9to5Mac. As a result, we have got a lot of new customers who have brought some fantastic ideas for the future.

NativeConnect removes many pain points that iOS developers, release managers and marketing professionals experience in App Store Connect. After going through all of our customers feedback including support emails, we now have a clear picture of what is missing and we are adjusting our roadmap to meet the needs of new users.

For 2020, we are planning to put more work into Metadata and TestFlight features in NativeConnect. Also, we’re looking forward to the next WWDC and sincerely hope that Apple is finally opening their API for public.

Our product is very young, and there’s still a lot of work. But we know how to grow and improve NativeConnect. Huge thanks to our friends and amazing fans who have been supporting the project since its introduction last year.

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