Preview Period

  1. NativeConnect is under development and will be released early next year.
  2. Until launch, we are in a preview mode — the app is not available for public.
  3. However, private beta is coming soon, and you can sign up for the waiting list.
  4. When ready, we will start sending codes for joining our early access program.
  5. Once the app is ready for public, we will release it for free, for everyone.

Request Early Access


  1. NativeConnect will not have any limits to pull and edit app metadata.
  2. To push local edits to App Store Connect though, you need a subscription.
  3. During first try to upload local metadata into cloud, the app will ask for a key.
  4. That subscription key should be purchased for each seat within a team.
  5. The team is registered by its agent, who allocates seats as needed.
  6. Team portal is a place where the agent manages seats, subscriptions and keys.
  7. Each purchased seat has its own key which can be linked to multiple Macs.
  8. In practice, only few employes need seats for pushing local edits into cloud.

NativeConnect Workflow


  1. Subscriptions are monthly or annual and cost $9.99 and $99.99 respectively.
  2. For the early-bird price, we suggest to register your interest before launch.
  3. This price will be active for the first year after launch and it will save you 40%.

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