Early Adopters

  1. We were in a closed preview mode during the 2019.
  2. To attend the private beta, you could join the waiting list.
  3. Everyone who requested an early access, has received an invite.
  4. These customers are eligible for a 40% discount for the 2020.

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  1. NativeConnect can be downloaded and used for free.
  2. A few extra features, e.g. promo code generation, are paid.
  3. Before using any paid feature, you would be asked for a Seat ID.
  4. The Seat is purchased as a Subscription and is associated with a Team.
  5. The Team is registered by its Agent who buys as many Seats as needed.
  6. Agents manage their Teams on the NativeConnect Dashboard website.
  7. Each Subscription has got a Seat ID which can be used on multiple Macs.

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